a. The ASIS building contains 18,000+ square feet with large classrooms, expansive glassed windows with security grills, air-conditioning, CCTV monitoring, bathrooms on every floor, external fire escape from each floor, kitchen and cafeteria, exercise/exhibition hall, library, auditorium, cafe', pre-school play room next to parents' reception hall, elevator and stairway, and a ten-foot high boundary wall around the property.

b. On the ground floor, next to the parents' reception room is a large play room. On the roof, surrounded by a tall, chain-linked fence is a small playground and swimming pool.

c. On the ground floor, along with the reception desk, is a reception lounge for parents to wait for each other in comfort and safety.

d. On the first floor is a lunch room where students are served nutritious and hygenic means from our full-service kitchen. 

e. A coffee shop and cafe is currently under construction and will be located on the 1st floor with street side access via a staircase. 

f. The entire building is served by full-facility WIFI.

g. The computer system supports the latest conference ability to enable students to interact with other students from around the world.

h. There is a computer laboratory for practice, for instruction, or for study.

i. The sound proof music room aids students in the study of chorus, piano, violin, and other instruments students may desire.

j. Security and safety is assured by full-time security guards, and by hall monitors.

kThere is a large library with a full-time librarian.

l. A large Art Room, murals and art decor throughout the building highlighting school events and holidays.